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The Business Analyst Career Alchemy Program (Corporate Leadership Track for Women)

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So, you're feeling stalled in your career. Things aren't going as you expected. You thought you were doing okay, until you realize you're not.

Let's examine the situation a bit more, shall we?

A lot of you are not getting even close to what you deserve because you don’t know what to do, you don’t know how to do it, who to build relationships with, or you can’t get out of your own way mentally. There is so much money out in the business world especially in corporate that it’s ridiculous. Here you are doing this insane amount of work, being stressed out, being railroaded, and watching the lazy bastard get the pet projects and promotions while you do the grunt work. Keeping your head down and working hard isn’t cutting it. Why is that? Because there are parts of the game that you are just not privy to. 

Not yet anyway. 

In this series, I am going to teach on the elements of career alchemy and mastery. We’re going to talk about your mindset and winning tactics, including: 

  • Negotiating your remote work arrangement
  • which projects to raise your hand for (and which projects to strategically avoid),
  • how to negotiate more money even if it’s off cycle,
  • how to get the saboteurs at your job removed,
  • how to get your head into the game and stop playing scared (which is the most important part and took me a while to figure out myself. I'll tell you alllll the mistakes I made so you don't make them!), and
  • THE MONEY MAKER: an introduction to business systems analysis fundamental skills that set you apart from MANY other professionals and make you highly marketable



Stop buying into these fluffy articles about "The Best Companies to Work For" or articles about the soft skills you need to succeed. They're only telling you a small part of the story. I don't blame them either, because most people can't handle the truth of what it really takes to ascend in that world. THAT'S the truth. If you can read this and not fall out in a full-blown temper tantrum, then you have what it takes. This series is for you. 

In addition to the courses, you will get access to the 10 hours of live group coaching calls (aka "Office Hours"). My only request is this: participate! I know it’s tempting to just listen and not ask questions or give feedback and you’re free to do that, but you get the maximum return on your investment by participating. You have to practice speaking up to get what you truly want, so you may as well start here. 

Look, I'm not one of these fluffy feel good chicks that's gonna tell you to go open a life coaching business and blog from the beach. I'm teaching you how to stand in a feminine power that commands respect and introduction to secret opportunities. I'm going to teach you about BILL-PAYING SKILLS that you probably THINK you know, but most likely you don't. 

I've been sitting and presenting in executive level meetings for YEARS. I've been having dinners with CEOs, CFOs, and COOs on a regular basis for YEARS. I have been the only woman, the only person of color, and sometimes the only one of both in the room for years now. I have run programs and driven the creation of investment products in my firm that netted my firm $250 million within the first six months of rollout. I've negotiated higher salaries and bigger bonuses for myself even when I was told that "people like me" (read between the lines) don't get that kind of favor. I'VE HELPED OTHER WOMEN DO THIS, TOO. I KNOW what this takes. You can do this, but you need somebody to give you the game. I’m here to do that if you’re ready. 

Program Participants receive

  • the 12 week Career Alchemy Program
  • access to the recordings of the live bi-weekly Office Hours calls.
  • downloads and sample materials included

Let's do this, ladies! Sign up today.

P.S.: If you're feeling a certain way about ANYTHING I said, then you CERTAINLY need to join, because we need to get your mindset in order so you can STOP GETTING PLAYED AND START GETTING PAID. 

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