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The Truth About Being the Female Breadwinner - Part 1

Jan 13, 2022

Being the female breadwinner sounds like a good idea until…

I'm doing a live class about the truth about money, men, marriage, and motherhood and how to make sure you get a good setup. I’m going to discuss:

• what type of guy you need to be dating from day one
• how to interact with him, educate him and how to treat you and prepare a life for you,
• what YOU need to be doing professionally, legally, and socially in parallel to make sure things go in your favor.
• …and much more!

I have a nice set up, but I had to use intention, strategy, and negotiation to get it. That’s why I created this platform. To talk to you ladies about how you can TRULY have a fulfilling life, partnership, and experience as a mother (if you so choose). YOU NEED TO BE THINKING ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU MARRY A GUY AND BEFORE YOU HAVE KIDS!



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