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Weaning, Grief, and Garden Therapy In The season of Motherhood

breastfeeding depression gardening nursing postpartum postpartumdepression postweaningdepression therapy weaning May 03, 2021

When I had my first baby, an older woman told me, “The days are long, but the years are short.”


For the longest time, I definitely understood the part about the days being long, and right now I’m realizing the part about the years being short. Last week was the final week that I nursed my youngest child, and although I feel a sense of freedom on one hand, I feel a sense of loss on another hand. This closes out the season of pregnancy, childbirth, and brand new babies in my life. As challenging as it was, I loved it so much both times.


I think that my enjoyment was even deeper because I had never seen anyone that I grew up with or around have this level of joy and support during the early motherhood season, and so I had an intense appreciation for everything: My loving, attentive, and consistent husband. My amazing mother-in-law who took care of me and my children and cooked for me for 30 days straight after I gave birth. The early summer mornings looking out the window while I nursed my babies in my rocking chair. So many wonderful things that I couldn’t have even imagined before I entered this new world.


And now, that season comes to a close.


It feels so strange after being pregnant or nursing for the past six years straight. It also feels wonderful to be getting some physical space back, and of course there are still lots of hugs and kisses, and so many new things to look forward to, but the transition in between is very emotionally challenging. Now, many people don’t know this, but many women deal with post weaning depression for a period after she weans her baby. It’s not talked about a lot but it definitely needs to be talked about more. (See this wonderful article that I found about it.) As such, I’m going deeper in therapeutic activities that help me with this season.


I’ve had a deep love for gardening for many years and I’m finding that more and more gardening is very therapeutic for me, particularly when I am feeling any type of sadness or even frustration or overwhelm. There’s something about putting my hand in the soil, digging, planting, watering while breathing the fresh air and listening to the birds sing that makes me feel close to the Holy Spirit and gives me an amazing sense of peace.


So that’s what I’m doing right now. Reflecting, grieving, and appreciating all at the same time it’s wonderful and beautiful and as the tears flow and I say goodbye to this season, I look forward with great joy to the next one.



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