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Look what's for Brunch today...Ready to host this Memorial Day weekend?

Jan 13, 2022


1. Have a theme in mind. The brunch that I hosted over the weekend had a “Mediterranean Spring” theme. Having a theme helps you decide on color choices for table settings, as well as the menu to pick.

2. Pick your menu according to the season and what’s fresh/in season. Look up which veggies and fruits are fresh right now and incorporate that into your dishes, as well as your wine and cocktail creations and choices. This is why we went with a white sangria instead of a standard red one, because we wanted to something light, refreshing, and crisp for warm spring weather. We live around a lot of farms that grow fresh strawberries and also grow our own, so having them in the sangria mix was a real hit!

3. Serve dishes of different backgrounds, but make sure they complement each other. On our menu yesterday we had shrimp and clams cooked in white wine on a bed of angel hair pasta, baguette with baked goat cheese marinara or an olive oil dipping option, and lamb lollipops with chimichurri on top for an Italian, Spanish, Greco-Mediterranean twist.

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4. For table setting, mixing and matching is your friend. For example: If you’re using a patterned tablecloth, use solid chargers and dinner plates and bring the patterns back in with your salad bowls.

5. If you’re hosting parents with little ones, have activities ready for them so that they can play independently in a visible area. This way the parents can enjoy their time at the brunch instead of feeling hyper vigilant over the little ones. Bonus if the little ones can be outside enjoying nature and fresh air!

6. Put a cherry on top of your wonderful time of fellowshipping by sending out a handwritten thank you note to all your guests. If you hosted all couples, you can simply write a thank you note to the family. For example, instead of addressing the thank you note to Mai Chen, you can address it to “The Chen Family.”

7. Remember to have fun! The woman is the heart of the home and her energy moves the whole house and everyone in it. If you’re enjoying yourself, your guests will also. Hosting is a PLEASURE not a PERFORMANCE.

For you ladies who are hosting (or would like to) during Memorial Day weekend or any time over the summer, you should come to my live, interactive Happy Hostess training this Sunday. It will be a half day training live in my kitchen that will prepare you to be a truly impressive hostess. I will also open a private FB group for you to share photos of your dinnerware and serveware sets and ask me questions on how to put them together and design your menu.

You will also get a complimentary copy of my upcoming book “The Happy Hostess: Wonderful Brunch and Dinner Recipes for Entertaining Good Company with Delicious Food and Fabulous Presentation”. (Hint: Quite a few of the dishes from my live video are featured in the book with step by step instructions!)


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