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Marrying Well is Great and All, But?

Life Skills Strategy Group Enrollment

May 03, 2021

Marrying Well is Great and All, But?

Marrying well is great and all, but an exceptional woman still has to cultivate the appropriate life skills to make sure that she is always in a premium position, no matter what her marital status is. You must equip yourself to live well and NEVER get stuck in a precarious situation because you don’t have the confidence, connections, or cash to WALK. 💃🏽
That’s why I have the life strategy group open for this year. I’m offering a monthly course, 2 group coaching/office hours, multiple live videos and musings within the private group to equip you with what you need to get your house in order and truly thrive in this new world.
So are you ready to create a strategy for joyful success or nah? 🤔
Since ladies were still signing up, I will leave the Life Skills Strategy Group enrollment link open until 11:59 this Friday. If you join by Friday night, you can still listen to the January class, the first office hours session, and join the next office hours this coming Sunday.
THE LINK WILL GO DEAD AT MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY. If you don’t sign up by then you can be added to the waitlist for the 2022 cohort if I decide to do it again next year.
The world is changing entirely too fast for a woman that wants to win to procrastinate anymore. If you’re even thinking about joining, just take the leap and do it. It’s worth it. Don’t leave your future behind you.
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You’ll get complimentary access to multiple hours of game in all areas of life, PLUS a monthly class on a current event (usually controversial and HIGHLY entertaining!).

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Shout out to Kim Kiyosaki for this truth bomb! #richwoman