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January Life Skills Strategy Class

January Life Skills Strategy Class

courses high value woman May 03, 2021
I ended up hosting for the entire holiday weekend (and had soooo much fun), which means I’m playing catch-up. The great thing about that is if you wanted to jump into the private strategy group that will be open for this year, you still can! I’m extending enrollment for a few more days.
The January Life Skills Strategy Class will be released tomorrow night and the first office hours/group coaching session will be this coming Sunday, and I’ll do one more next week.
As a bonus, I’m also giving retroactive access to the November and December courses that I did, totally complimentary. šŸ˜‰
Enrollment will be closed Sunday night for the ENTIRE YEAR, as this group will be established for consistent sacred support.
If you don’t sign up this go around, we’ll see you in the 2022 cohort.
Link to the video about the group in the comments section below. šŸ‘‡šŸ½ Once you sign up, send me a private message with your Facebook handle so my assistant can add you to the group.
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You’ll get complimentary access to multiple hours of game in all areas of life, PLUS a monthly class on a current event (usually controversial and HIGHLY entertaining!).

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See you there. ā¤ļø