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Floating. Reflecting. Appreciating.

Jan 13, 2022


I spent this morning enclosed in an isolation tank. Nothing but pitch black darkness, the water, and me.

Floating. Reflecting. Appreciating.

Today is the first day of June. This is the month that my husband proposed to me nine years ago.

I was walking down the aisle a few months later.

This came AFTER I spent too much time with the wrong man who dragged his feet on taking our relationship to the next level. I had to walk even though I was scared, lonely, and embarrassed.

More importantly, I broke up with my jealous friends too. I was tired of being afraid of maxing out on my life because they wouldn’t truly be happy for me and low key try to sabotage my efforts.

I stepped into my new life and I was scared as hell, but because I overrode that fear, AND CONTINUE TO SHOW UP UNAPOLOGETICALLY EVERY DAY, I could float in the dark, be with my own thoughts, and not buckle under the weight of any disappointments in myself. Not because I never make mistakes, but because I make my mistakes and live life in SOVEREIGNTY.

Are you afraid of your blessings coming to fruition and the ramifications of how people will respond around you?

I'm going to tell you the truth.

SIS, YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE YOUR FRIENDS. It's going to hurt to lose those friends.

You can't let that stop you.

You have to keep going. Your blessing is RIGHT THERE. Right there at the cusp. You are standing on the precipice. Don't let them pull you backwards into the old life.

Go. Run.

Cry while you're doing it, but KEEP RUNNING TOWARDS YOUR FUTURE. Your new life is waiting.

You have no right to hold yourself back, not even for one more day.

There are people in the future waiting on you to step into your glory and show them the way. Future friends, future helpful associates, maybe even future children.

Go. Now.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the fact that we play too much with our time, our futures, our opportunities.


And it’s worth it all. ❤️

- Nikki Cro

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