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During the dating process.. are you someone who NEEDS to talk daily?

Jan 13, 2022

Let me go ahead and put some of the ladies on to some game that I had to learn the hard way years ago.

(Luckily, I corrected course and am loving life now.)
The expectation that you will talk to a productive or "high-value" man every single day when you first meet or first start dating is NOT REASONABLE.

Productive men are unbelievably busy. And the more responsibilities he has the more busy he is. This doesn't mean he won't make time for you, he absolutely should, however, it does mean that he doesn't have hours to be on the phone with you daily, and he CERTAINLY will not be texting you throughout the day.

In our minds a lot of us know this, but we have not cultivated life skills and internal management to not give in to the temptation to either overcommunicate or give in to our own anxiety and anger when he does not communicate constantly through the day or respond to our texts within 15 minutes.

I got this wrong the first couple of times, but when I finally did get it right, my interactions, dates, gifts, and relationships were much more high quality and enjoyable.

Have any of you ladies also experienced this?


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