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Stopped Crying and Smiled

An Inspiring Yoga Story About a Young 40-Year Old Woman

May 03, 2021
Something so interesting happened in yoga class today. At the end of class, the instructor read a very moving quote about change and began to cry. Then the woman next to me began crying as well.
They hug. The woman that was next to me is moving away and they are friends, and of course, will miss each other dearly.
Then the yoga instructor says to the rest of us, "I apologize for crying. I just turned 40 and everything just seems to go to hell when you realize you're getting old."
There was an elder at the far end of the room. Gray beard, long gray hair. Probably about 70. He looked at her, chuckled, and said, "You are young." ❤️
She stopped crying and smiled.
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